Kaiser Kills!

Since I have cancelled my health insurance with Kaiser because they have misdiagnosed me me whole life… I decided to post this great collection of supplements to help repair your digestive syste... Read More


Being a warrior is noble, and there is nothing wrong being a warrior.  But don’t think like a warrior, think like a general. When applying for a job, do not dress for the position you are apply... Read More

I am 40.

Dear Lord, I am 40, yes I am blessed. I am 40, I made it… I guess, I know I have not met half my goals or hardly any of my wishes… been anywhere far, or made any riches. But yet I hope t... Read More

3-11 A day to remember

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Today is a day to celebrate!  I was informed that the first of my patents in regards to the Kenometer was approved by the USPTO. Complimentary to that, iecki.com is being created, and should be ready... Read More