One issue that seems to exist within the confines of our current society, but not discussed is what happens with babies who are born/or adopted in the US, to non US Citizens.

The first requirement for this solution to work is a system for the people caught within this loophole, to work within to gain US Citizenship is that is the desire.

Example  1 – Two citizens of other countries, legally residing with the US.

Person 1 on work permit from Germany.

Person 2 on work permit from Italy.

New Child to family… Under current law, if the child is born on US soil, the child is a US citizen.

Under my proposal, the child would not be given any rights to become a US citizen as the parents do not even have that right.

It is my opinion that this child should not be discriminated against, however when the parents return to their country of origin, so must the child.

However, if the parents remain in the country and are meeting the legal requirements to be in the US, then the child is put in a “fast track” program for citizenship.

It is my opinion, that a 4th grade child has enough basic knowledge of our country the same as a foreigner is expected to know for the naturalization exam, therefore;

  • If the parents remain within the country, legally… and their child participates in normal society including general or certified private education, the child should be guaranteed citizenship by the 4th grade.
  • If parents participate in their child’s studies, then it would be possible for an entire family to pass take and pass the naturalization exam at the same time.
  • If the parents are unable to remain within the US, or choose to leave, or do not legally abide by the law, including keeping immigrant registration status current, then all are expected to leave the country, no citizenship status for anyone.

This same situation would basically apply to illegal residents in accordance with other local law, however a very strict policy for the newly identified illegal residents will be enforced in order to a least obtain temporary resident permit, criminal background check, resident query, and income verification.

Questions would arise for illegal residents who can not clearly identify and explain:

  • Resident location and how rent or mortgage is paid (make sure no criminal activities)
  • Criminal Activities – parole or probation existance
  • Income and ability to financially remain within the US. (Also looking to detour illegal activity as well as their livelyhood and well being.

3 thoughts on “A solution to children of non-US-citizens and Citizenship”

  1. If a child is born outside of the U.S., example, An American and Brazillian in Brazil when the child is born. Since the child is born is a country that a parent is a citizen, then that child is the “natural citizen of the land” and is Brazillian. If the family were to return to the United States, the Brazillian parent and Child must apply for family Visas, and are on fast track for Citizenship, but must achieve citizenship, or continue to app,y for extended family Visas. The child and parent can work for citizenship together and the child can gain citizenship at any age as long as they meet the other requirements for citizenship.

    Dual citizenship is still allowed. But no one skips the requirements to earn citizenship.

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