Dear Lord,

I am 40, yes I am blessed.

I am 40, I made it… I guess,

I know I have not met half my goals or hardly any of my wishes…

been anywhere far, or made any riches.

But yet I hope the next 40 to be,

to more about you and less about me.

I got questions to be answered & my soul to be free.

I want to be here longer lord, I wish to learn more…

about this universe you created, all things including war.

I want to know why things didn’t go as planned

whether it was the big bang, or the mistake by man.

All things being equal, our lives never the same…

I pray you will save my soul, I beg in Jesus’s name.


Please forgive the things I have done,

My heart will never be free…

I hope you will see the good I’ve done

and have mercy on me.

Dear Lord I love you,

I love you with all my heart.

Everything I know about you,

I wish I’d known from the start.

Your love is good, your power is strong.

Not even the gods of Egypt could prove you wrong.

You freed my people and gave them a land,

you did all this and had little to demand.

And even when Israel let you down,

You gave us chances to come around…

And despite your warnings you sent to us,

Because we betrayed, you let Israel get crushed.

And here we are 2500 years later…

In this country that couldn’t be greater…

Again the people turn on you, and forget how we got here…

I understand this Lord, so YOU KNOW I fear…

You helped us build this great place,

For centuries keeping us safe…

I pray to you Lord “Please protect my family and I”

And please take my soul when I die.


In Jesus’s Name I pray…



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