Since I have cancelled my health insurance with Kaiser because they have misdiagnosed me me whole life… I decided to post this great collection of supplements to help repair your digestive system and fix a few other things too.


For the stomach and digestive system, I took these 3 supplements.  I was specifically trying to attack a potential existence of H. Pylori, but these are great digestive supplements.  Also, the body can only ingest 1000mg.  I aim for 1000mg as much as possible.

 Mastic Gum

 Marshmallow Root

 Licorice Root

Besides those I also take the following:

For Heart and digestive system:

Krill Oil –

Aloe Vera Gels –

Slippery Elm –

Vitamin E –

Brocco-Max –

For Bones:

Vitamin D alone –

Calcium –

Magnesium –

Potassium –

For Brain:

Turmeric with Black Pepper & Curcumin –

For Health

Vitamin C –

Try this medicine for instant relief of sore throat, it has benzocaine… for numbing.

I stopped taking probiotics and coconut oil.

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