Today a good friend Alex called out of the blue… to pass on new about a friend.  I have not seen almost any of my friends since I moved to Northern California, and while I wish I was the kind of guy who called all his friends… I don’t.  I do try to at least keep in touch with my closer friends if not by phone or email… then at least play in my fantasy football league so we can chat throughout the football season.

Gary however is someone I have known since as early as 1st grade I am thinking, but I have not really talked to in over a decade.  Well the new was about Gary, and unfortunately, life has been rough and he past away this week.

I feel really bad for the guy… I am pretty sure he was only 39.  I did not know he had children, and feel really bad for his family.  I hope he found love, as this guy’s heart was much bigger than he was, and someone with the character as he had, I doubt he changed much.

I know he struggled with Diabetes, and was told he had lost both legs to the disease in these later years.  I can only imagine the frustration raising children after going through what he had been.  I am sure it played a toll on his psyche not being able to be the dad, I am sure he always imagined he would be.

I was told he also tried to end it all early, which didn’t go as planned, and while he did not leave this world at that time, he set up what I am now writing about.

I know Gary became frustrated with life I could see it in his face.  But I tell you, I do not think it was his fault.  It was this world we live in, and more particularly, LA.  I do not know how I got out… but I thank the lord all the time for the blessings he has bestowed upon my family.  I at one point was at a point in which I thought I could never recover.  A few good friends, dedication, and the desire to do better is what kept me going.

“Gary, I am sorry that you were not able to enjoy the finer things in life at a level which was acceptable to you.  I will always remember who you were in early school years, who you grew to become, and I never knew you when you lost you legs, and even though I heard you could ride a bike with your prosthetics, I remember you with you legs.  I remember your VW Bug.  I remember your parents (mainly your dad – he could grow one heck of a beard), I hope they are at peace.  I hope you are at peace.”

“So long bro.”

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