• Being a warrior is noble, and there is nothing wrong being a warrior.  But don’t think like a warrior, think like a general.
  • When applying for a job, do not dress for the position you are applying for, dress for the position you want in the future.
  • 3 Simple rules to being a Super Star in any industry.
  1. Be able to do your job.
  2. Do your job
  3. Document and take notes, so you can do it again.
Most people are fine with #1, not consistent with #2, and rarely do #3
This will help you get to the golden set of rules which is:
Do your job.
Do your job right.
Do your job the first time.

One thought on “Kenisms”

  1. In the end… if you are the guy taping up the crutch and getting a wheel chair to hopefully move them faster…
    they will be much more loyal to you, then if we are the guy kicking them in the ass saying “move faster!”

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