I just stumbled on a poem I wrote a year ago. ┬áHad to publish…


The people are confused,
I wish they would get it right.
The world is getting more dangerous,
Every day and every night.

But Obama and Hillary
can do NO WRONG!
They say the world is better,
but EVEN Americans can’t get along.

All lives should matter,
Brown Black and white.
Just because a black man was shot by a cop
Doesn’t make killing cops right.

Google “Michael Nida Downey”
And you will see what I mean,
My buddy shot dead on his birthday
You protesters were no where to be seen!

He had no weapon,
and had committed no crime,
Not like what we see on TV,
Because THEY have weapons, almost every time.

But his life didn’t matter
According to you…
I guess because he wasn’t black
It doesn’t matter to you.

But back to the world… Our allies trust us less,
Our enemies hate us more.
Terrorism happens daily
But Obama and Hillary ignore.

100 girls kidnapped in Nigeria
A worthless cold war with Russia
A bad nuke deal with North Korea
A bad money deal with China.

But that’s not all..

A nuke deal with Iran, and losing Afghanistan
We got Bin Ladden, but left the Taliban!

We almost lost Turkey
to a failed coup,
But we already lost Libya
Iraq and Syria too.

We lost lives in Bengazi,
One was Hillary’s friend,
We know they pleaded for help,
But emails is all she defends!

So now that Americans hate each other,
And are destroying countries left and right
Hillary wants 65 thousand Syrians here,
Practically overnight.

She will keep the borders open,
and take away our guns.
And is inviting the terrorists HERE!
So they can rape our daughters and behead uour sons.

You all are brainwashed donkeys!
Willingly and knowingly going to vote for a criminal.
Your right to vote should be revoked, since like your leader,
You will be extremely careless…. Hee-haw… Know it all…

The only way the democrat symbol could be more accurate is if the ass would hide an email server.

The United States is the most Amazing country to ever have existed even if you are less than average.

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